Transforming Cognitive Abilities of Students in the Context of Objective Realities

Call for Papers

Professors’ Association for Student Services (PASS, henceforth) aims at connecting teachers of Pakistan together and striving to transform existing faculty of understanding, knowing, perceiving or reasoning of students in vogue at the academic institutions of Pakistan through conducting sessions of dialogue, discussions and academic interactions. To achieve this aim, PASS has taken initiative, in collaboration with the Directorate of Higher Education Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP, henceforth), to conduct a biannual series of conferences at various government colleges locating in different parts of the entire KP. Following the successful conduction of PASS first conference at Wadudia Hall of Government Postgraduate College, Sawat in March 16-17, 2018 on: “Intolerance Amongst Students: Impediment to Reasonable Judgment, PASS now intends to invite academicians and researchers from all over Pakistan to kindly submit their creative abstracts/ papers/ or proposals for upcoming Second Two-Day PASS National Conference entitled:

‘‘Transforming Cognitive Abilities of Students in the Context of Objective Realities’’

The upcoming PASS National Conference will include: Plenary Sessions, Parallel Sessions, a Panel/ Group Discussion amongst speakers and presenters. PASS forum welcomes interdisciplinary critical perspective about themes.

The sub-themes of upcoming PASS National Conference include:

  1. Socio-Cultural Context & Cognitive Development;
  2. Social Constructivism: Language, Literature & Reality;
  3. Mathematical understanding, Technologies, Education & Learning;
  4. Uneven socio-economic development & Cognition;
  5. Biological Perspective on Cognitive Development
  6. Issues of inequality, oppression, power relationship & Students;
  7. Logical & Psychological issues & structuring curricula

All the submitted abstracts and papers will undergo through a rigorous process of double blind peer review. All accepted papers will be published online in conference proceedings on Gandhara Research Society’s official website i.e.,, whereas selected papers of highly academic worth will be published in the third issue of Volume 03 of Gandhara Journal of Research in Social Science (ISSN: 2415-2404, an online international journal abstracted and indexed in ASI, IPSA & DOAJ.)

Important Dates/ Deadlines

Abstract Submission: 30-06-2018

Complete Article/ Manuscript Submission: 01-08-2018

Participant Registration: 14-09-2018

For Abstract/Paper Submission please contact Dr. Adil Khan at, or Rashid Hussain Mughal at