Editorial team of Gandhara Journal of Research in Social Science (GJRSS) met the General Secretary of Professors Association for Student Services (PASS) on 27/05/2018 to sign a Memorandum of Understanding for formal collaboration in the research activities of the two organizations striving to bring a progressive change in the academic circles as well in the society at large. The GRS team was represented by Dr. Adil Khan and Hashim Khan whereas Rashid Hussain Mughal represented PASS. It was decided in the meeting that all activities of PASS will be streamlined through the GRS website. As a first step of cooperation, it was agreed on both parts to collaborate in the upcoming conference of PASS which is expected to be held in the mid of September 2018. GRS will publish the conference proceedings on its website and selected papers of the conference will also be published in the 3rd Issue of the GJRSS. The representatives of the two organizations agreed to collaborate in conducting time to time workshops for researchers, teachers and students.