Gandhara Research Society, based in Mansehra, Pakistan, is the brainchild of few like-minded academicians, who want to promote research culture and the spirit of critical thinking in academic as well as extra academic affairs. The idea of initiating such forum originated to combat all those practices impeding flow of critical and creative knowledge in the society. Its main objectives include tantalizing those taken for granted ideas perpetuating the elements of status quo and whose abrasive structures blur the clear sight and surface of facts. This Society is a non-profitable organization which is above any political, religious, ethnic, lingual or regional or any such ideology causing subjectivity in the pursuit of knowledge. It is purely an academic and objective endeavor for the accumulation of newer ideas and their implementation for meeting the challenges in the pursuit of knowledge.  

The agenda of this Society is the promotion of scientific spirit, analytical and critical approach to keep track of facts. In order to realize such outputs, Gandhara Research Society is working in the domains of a triennial Research Journal, a monthly Magazine, Seminars and Workshops. These four domains are providing every opportunity both in oral and written practices in the collection of scholarly ideas, their propagation and implementation. This makes busy schedule of academic interactions which ensure academic gatherings not mere rolling stones but substantial and ample resource for gathering mass. In all four domains zero tolerance is set from the outset on the standards of quality. Whether it is scholarly contribution in journal or magazine or a presentation in seminar or training workshop, a strict policy of monitoring the quality is the foremost preference of this journey. Our slogan is to investigate with naked eye which is self-explanatory that knowledge is open ended that does make a continuum not a stagnant pool. Our attempt is to let this continuum go ahead and different stagnant stopovers must be channelized.  It is right of everyone to investigate with naked eye and Gandhara Research Society will help everyone to exercise this right wherever a bias works to encroach and subjugate this human capability and capacity. Let everyone see, hear, speak independently for the growth of knowledge and this Society stands for this universal privilege of humanity.